Phase 1 of the refurbishment, which took place throughout December 2017, entailed:

  • Installation of toilets with disabled facilities.
  • Building a partition wall to create the organ chamber (see the potted history!).
  • Refurbishment of the kitchen.
  • Rewiring to include light and sound capabilities.

Phase 2 included:

  • Continuation of the decorating.
  • Installation of new windows and fire doors on the north side of the hall.
  • Installation of bleacher seating for 110 people with additional seating for another 50.

Phase 3 will be the installation of the Astoria Cinema organ which is currently planned for late 2018.  September update – installation of the organ will be late January 2019.

Jan 2019 IT’S HERE!  It’s in bits but it’s here!  Delivery of boxes, bits of wood, tools and lots of other strange objects was taken on Monday 21 January at The Astoria Centre.  Work started in earnest on Tuesday 22 January.  The following link will take you to some pictures –  Enjoy.

Monday 21 January

The rebuild of the Ingram organ is due to start today!!!

2018 November update – blower has been inspected and will be taken to Keighley for refurbishment in January 2019

First site visit from organ restorer to take measurements of organ chamber

2018 September update – delivery of blower taken at the Astoria Centre.
2018 July update – console disassembled for restoration. Keyboards being restored. Stop units removed for testing and restoration.
2017 The Corstorphine Trust take over the Kirk Loan Hall from the Old Parish Church and the refurbishment work starts in December.  See work phases below.
2016 The organ console is moved from storage in St Albans and taken to Yorkshire.
2015 The Corstorphine Astoria 2/4 Ingram Organ parts are transferred to an organ workshop in Yorkshire for assessment with a view to rebuilding.
2014 The Corstorphine Astoria 2/4 Ingram organ parts are bought by The Corstorphine Trust and stored in a lock up in Corstorphine.
1980s The Corstorphine Astoria 2/4 Ingram Organ parts are bought by Charles Davidson and stored in East Lothian.
1970s The Corstorphine Astoria 2/4 Ingram Organ parts are bought by an antique dealer and stored in outbuildings at Balquidder Farm.
1976 The Corstorphine Astoria is demolished.
1975 The Corstorphine Astoria 2/4 Ingram Organ is bought by Mr Robert Gallo and removed to his car showroom in Gilmour Place.
1974 The Corstorphine Astoria closes.
1970 The Corstorphine Astoria 2/4 Ingram Organ is renovated.
1930 The Corstorphine Astoria opens on 1 January 1930.
1929 The idea of a cinema in Corstorphine is born.