Enquiries and Complaints

All email correspondence should be sent to contact@corstorphineastoriacentre.co.uk.

All mail should be sent to The Corstorphine Astoria Centre, 18 Kirk Loan, Edinburgh EH12 7HD.

It is our aim to acknowledge enquiries and complaints as soon as possible but definitely within five working days.

Hall Hire

To help keep the fabric of the building, all groups and individuals hiring the CAC should abide by the following rules.

The Tenants agree to leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition at the end of each use of them, and The Tenants shall make good any damage caused to the premises through their use of them.  No alternations should be made to the building.


The Tenants shall be responsible for providing adequate insurance cover for themselves, those associated with them and their equipment and any other property they bring into the premises in connection with their use of them and, if required will exhibit the relevant policies and premium receipts to the Landlords.   Without prejudice thereto and to the other provisions of this Agreement:

  1. The Tenants shall be responsible for providing adequate public liability insurance cover in respect of their use of the premises; and
  2. The Landlords shall be entitled, at their option, to require endorsement of the relevant insurance policies in their name or, alternatively, to insure separately against any possible claims and liabilities arising from the Tenants’ use of the premises and to recover the relevant premiums or increases in premium, as the case may be, from the Tenants.

Children/Young People

Note: This clause will apply where the premises are being let for a purpose which will involve work with children or young people or children or young people will be present in connection with the let.

The tenants confirm that they are familiar with the Home Office Code of Good Practice, Safe From Harm, and/or the publication Protecting the Children, endorsed by the Scottish Executive*, or a document derived from either of these approved by an accredited agency and have an understanding of it and undertake to follow the Code of Practice contained therein in work with children and young people under the age of sixteen years.

*Copies of the publications are available from the Scottish Executive either directly or through their website.

If clarification is required of any point regarding this matter please contact The Corstorphine Trust at the address above.


The Landlords shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or claim by any party of any kind, including claims in respect of any deficiency in respect of the premises themselves arising out of this let; and the Tenants shall indemnify the Landlords (including the trustees vested in the premises) against all such loss, damage or claims.


Payment will be in advance of the lease commencing and where possible via bank transfer.  Account details will be given once the lease has been agreed.

Cancellation of bookings

For multiple leases it may be terminated at any time by either party giving one month’s notice in writing to the other party.

Single leases can be terminated at any time by either party giving as much notice as possible.